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Born and raised in Greece, taught in a German school, currently living in London and working worldwide; these, and more, have all contributed to the creativity I need to work as a freelance makeup artist. I have learned to draw elements from any culture and use them to my advantage to complete my projects, whether they be editorial, commercial or collaborations with fashion brands.

So why “science meets art?”

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that, I was not always devoted to makeup artistry. Following what I thought I would like to do, my education had led me to obtaining a Bachelor in Statistics and Insurance, a Master in Biostatistics, and a solid career in science. But I did not love it.. I always had this lingering fascination with the complexity of makeup until I decided to learn more and pursue my realized dream. And so it began: I enrolled at the best school for makeup artists in Athens, Marketakis Makeup Lab; I studied makeup in the fields of photoshoot, TV, bridal and special effects. Since then I have been working for luxury makeup brands as a makeup artist, also collaborating with British fashion brands and participating in London Fashion week and fashion shows.

Expressing my passion

I don’t believe in unnatural transformations- I believe in highlighting each person’s unique beauty. Focusing on the best characteristics of a face and making them breath- taking. I love working with different skin complexions and tailoring my technique to the needs of each complexion type to achieve a naturally beautiful and flawless result. For me, makeup is truly an art, one that can bring us closer to the woman we want to be at any given moment: a sexier, more playful or more dramatic version of ourselves or even versions we haven’t yet discovered!

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If Science delves into the world and beyond, Arts are about searching within

Joanna Kotsaki - Make Up Artist